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What is a Domain Name?

What is a Domain Name?

what is a domain name

What is a Domain Name?

Wondering what is a domain name and how it can benefit you if you’re running a website?

A domain name serves as your own unique identity online. It will work as such as long as you continue using the name. Having your own domain name allows you to change your web host as frequently as possible while still allowing other people to find you. All it takes is for them to type your domain name in their browsers.

The good thing about having your own domain name is that since it works as your unique identity, a lot of people will continue to remember your address, which is a huge help in driving more web traffic. You can also expect your traffic to rise as many search directories, like Yahoo, index those sites that have their own domain names only.


Benefits of Having a Domain Name

Now that you know what is domain, it’s time to learn about how it can possibly benefit you. Here are just some of the many things that having a top level domain can do for you:


An effective way for your target audience to easily find you – With your domain name, you can help your potential visitors easily find you. Just make sure that you pick a short yet catchy domain name and register it. With that, your target audience will more likely remember you. Fortunately, there are still thousands of impressive domains at present. The newest trend involves removing letters, such as in the case of Flickr, to make it short yet unforgettable.


Makes you look more professional – Your domain name can also benefit you, your business and your website because it provides a more professional image. Having a professional image, people will most likely keep coming back to your site for more. It makes your site more credible. It shows others that you’re someone who is serious about operating your business professionally.


Gives you more control over what other people see when they are searching for you – While the way Google organizes the search results is puzzling at times, it’s still safe to say that the words in your domain name contribute to your ranking heavily. That said, you also have some sort of control over the first information that will be presented to your audience when they search for you.


Your domain name is also one that you can keep for many years. It also makes it easier for your site to get registered to various search engines while putting you in a better position in several search engine listings. With all the mentioned benefits, it’s safe to say that your domain name contributes a lot to your success as a website or online business owner.


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